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Scarlette Lockheart is a resident of Thunder Mesa, and owner of the Silver Spur Steakhouse. She is the sister of Jake Lockheart.

Background InformationEdit

Scarlette was born to Cyrus Lockheart and an unnamed mother. She is the older sister of Jake Lockheart. The two were close friends as children, but had a strained relationship later due to Cyrus' chauvinistic views of his son and displaying a misogynist approach towards his daughter. She did not interact with a lot of the other children as much as Jake did during her childhood as Cyrus forced her to work around the house and take care of the hounds, although she formed a slight friendship with Elias Ravenswood.

As the years passed, Cyrus became weak and senile, lending the family restaurant to his children to inherit. Although Jake put himself forward to run the steakhouse, Scarlette opted to instead, and denied Jake a job there. Scarlette was obstinate but undyingly moral, and although few people were able to puncture through her brash exterior she forged a somewhat (if not unsteady) friendship with Rose Nutterville and Elias Ravenswood.

After the disappearance of Jake, Scarlette felt guilty for not being there for him, believing he had committed suicide because of her neglect of him, and to make up for it she joined the search party for Melanie around the Ravenswood Manor grounds, providing her dogs to track her down. When the town discovered the newly dug catacombs at the back of the manor, an earthquake occurred and killed them all. Scarlette died and was left as but a skeleton in the catacombs, while her hounds haunted the town with their howls during the night.



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