Rose nutterville
Lavinia Rose Nutterville is a resident of Thunder Mesa, and occasional arsonist.


Lavinina was born in either France or England (stories differ with her), and the 4th oldest of 7 siblings. Her mother died when she was very young, she was raised by her father at times, and her oldest brother for most of the time. When she was 12, she decided to find one of her brothers who had moved to Thunder Mesa, and had opened the undertakers. As soon as she arrived in town and told people where to find her relative the blacksmith the undertaker, people assumed that was her uncle, due to his looks (he looked around 80, while Rose looked around 19).

She decided to drop the Lavinia part from her name, and call herself Rose. She managed to find a room and employment at The Lucky Nugget Saloon, as a violin player. She often came into conflict with the Saloons owner Lilly Baxter, due to Rose acting temperamental and sometimes downright insane. Yet the two maintained a somewhat friendly acquaintanceship, and in months to come, Rose would come to call Scarlette Lockheart and Elias Ravenswood her closest friends.

She would later quit her job in the saloon, and open up a blacksmiths shop, which would aptly be named "Lavinia-Rose Blacksmiths". She would also later become the girlfriend of Elias. She was present during the tragic wedding, and present during the search party after, but is unknown whether she died. Rumors around the town persist that she survived but stays in the manor to torment the ghosts further. Other rumors persist that she did die, and her spirit can be heard shooting holes through the manor windows at nighttime's.


At times, Rose can be Selfish, arrogant and sadistic, but claims it runs in the family. Although not always being the best person, she firmly believes that Elias, Lilly, and Scarlette are her closest friends, and tries to make an effort to be friendly and a nice person around them.