Melanie portrait
Melanie Ravenswood is the Daughter of Henry Ravenswood, the fiancé of Jake Lockheart and later "The Lonely Bride".


Melanie Ravenswood was born to Henry and Martha Ravenswood in 1842. Her father was a Western settler who struck gold in Big Thunder Mountain and founded the Thunder Mesa Mining Company, thus creating the town of Thunder Mesa. Ravenswood became rich and built himself a Victorian manor (known today as Phantom Manor) high on Boot Hill overlooking Big Thunder Mountain, where Melanie was raised. During her childhood she started good friendships with both Lilly Baxter and Jake Lockheart, whom she would later be engaged to.

She maintained a good relationship with her brother Elias, she of whom was the only person that Elias trusted throughout most of his 20's. During her mid teens, Henry began to be more protective of Melanie. She wouldn't be allowed to meet friends, or be allowed to leave the Manor grounds. Despite this, Jake would still contact her and bring her gifts, like a golden heart shaped necklace, which Melanie would wear always. They decided to get engaged and planned to elope from Thunder Mesa.

After the mine accident that killed Henry and Martha, the wedding went on as planned. On the wedding day, as Melanie was preparing for the ceremony, Her father returned as a vengeful spirit and hung Jake from the portrait room rafters. As the day progressed and the groom didn't turn up, Melanie remained optimistic that Jake would return. The years passed and Melanie grew old, she always stated that Jake would come back, and even turned mad and insane from loss. When she died, her spirit remained in the manor, wandering the halls and signing for her lost love to return, as her father's spirit watched and tormented her, and keeping her in the Manor forever.


  Melanie was and always remained an innocent person. Totally selfless and kind, she would never have hurt anyone and was kind, caring and respectful of everyone she met.



  • She was voiced by Katherine Lench-Meyering in Phantom Manor.
  • Melanie is the ONLY daughter of Martha and Henry Ravenswood. Elias Ravenswood NEVER appears in Phantom Manor at all. He possibly appears in the comics of the dark ride of the same name located in Paris, France.
  • She's the wife of Jake Lockheart-Evans until her dad, Henry who is the Phantom of the Manor kills him as seen in the Stretching Room.