Lorelei Pasturefield, known for short as Lori, is the owner of the local horse stables, which she inherited from her father.


Lorelei grew up with only her father, Charles Pasturefield, because her mother died birthing her. Charles started the Horse Ranch at a young age, sharing the passion with Lorelei, and eventually passing it on to her when he died. Determined to keep her father's spirit alive, Lorelei commits her whole life to the ranch.

Lorelei was visited by Rose Nutterville, who requested 20 horses to borrow. Upon threats, Lorelei relented, but was relieved and confused when Rose let her take the horses back to the ranch after inspection. The girls conversed, and Lorelei gained sympathy for Rose, and allowed her to stay with her at the ranch overnight.

Later, Lorelei was summoned to Ravenswood Manor under mysterious circumstances. She obeyed, bringing her favorite horse, Jigsaw Puzzle, with her. After a strong disagreement with the manor butler over Jigsaw, Lorelei was faced with Luna Leota, the self-proclaimed Ravenswood personal psychic. Luna spoke of the bond between Jigsaw and Lorelei, and also warned her of Rose Nutterville, stating that she did not truly know the girl.

Once Luna was finished, she disappeared, and Henry Ravenswood stormed into the room, outraged that Lorelei had brought her horse into the manor. As Lorelei pulled a gun on the man, Melanie Ravenswood burst in, calming both of them. She brought Lorelei outside, where she told her of her love for Jake Lockheart, and requested that she transfer such a message to him, seeing as he rented horses from Lorelei. Lorelei agreed, and brought herself and Jigsaw back to the ranch.


Lori is a shy soul, spending most of her days with her horses, sharing her life with them. She is not one to chatter, and does not tolerate nonsense. She is known for being artistic when the time is right, sometimes painting beautiful and lifelike paintings of her horses. However, she can become quite snarky and even violent when provoked, especially when her horses are involved.

Known HorsesEdit

Jigsaw Puzzle, a Paint Horse mare, Lorelei's personal favorite.

Ghost, a pure white gelding.

Champ, a black stallion with white socks, and a white blaze across his face.

Nugget, a palomino gelding, whom Lorelei gave away to Rose Nutterville.


This character was created by ~Silverstream.