List of Residents of Thunder Mesa.

Ravenswood FamilyEdit

Henry Ravenswood (Patriarch)

Martha Ravenswood (Matriarch)

Elias Ravenswood (Son)

Melanie Ravenswood (Daughter)

Goliath (Family Dog)

Baxter FamilyEdit

Anthony Baxter (Patriarch)

Therese Baxter (Matriarch)

Lillian Baxter (Daughter)

Nutterville FamilyEdit

*Note: Not all of the family Live in Thunder Mesa

William C. Nutterville (Patriarch)

L. Nutterville (Matriarch-Deceased)

Matthew Nutterville (Son)

Jon Nutterville (Son)

Rebecca Nutterville (Daughter)

Lavinia-Rose Nutterville (Daughter)

Mary Nutterville (Daughter)

Tareton Nutterville (Son)

Rachel Nutterville (Daughter)

Norton FamilyEdit

Tobias Norton (Patriarch)

Jack Norton (Son-Deceased)

Morgan Norton (Son)

Mallory Norton (Daughter)

Lockheart FamilyEdit

Cyrus Lockheart (Patriarch)

Scarlette Lockheart (Daughter)

Jake Lockheart (Son)

Miller FamilyEdit

David Miller (Patriarch)

Zoe Miller (Matriarch)

Valentina Miller (Daughter)

Stuart Miller (Son)

Arnold-Marvin FamilyEdit

B. Arnold (Patriarch-Deceased)

Victoria Marvin (Matriarch)

Annabelle Arnold-Marvin (Daughter)

Ballard FamilyEdit

Ezra Ballard (Patriarch-Deceased)

Ma Ballard (Matriarch)

Frank Ballard (Son)

Jones FamilyEdit

Jasper Jones (Son)

Anna Jones (Daughter)

Other ResidentsEdit

Lorelei Pasturefield

John Frees

Millie Ravenscroft

Doctor Wassell

Mary Murphy

Luna Leota

Ezra Toombs

"Leadfoot" Fred Burke

"Red Hot" Harry Lordan

Jacques Shrillman

Related individuals and groupsEdit

The Thunderbird (Mystical Deity)

Shoshone (Native American Tribe)

Gracey Family (Connections to Ravenswood family that live in New Orleans)