Lilly 2
Lillian "Lilly" Baxter
is the owner of The Lucky Nugget Saloon, and best friend of Melanie Ravenswood.

Background informationEdit

Lilly has lived in Thunder Mesa most, if not all, of her life. Her father found gold during the gold rush and started the town's saloon, The Lucky Nugget. Around this time, she became good friends with the daughter of the town founder, Melanie Ravenswood. Due to her being a troublemaker, Henry wouldn't allow her to see his daughter during their mid-teens, but she would sneak into the Manor anyway. It is assumed that her parents have either died or simply left the Saloon in her name, because she is now running it on her own. 


Her personality is the complete opposite of her friends', Melanie. She tends to be sarcastic, and has a slightly negative view of herself. If provoked, she can have a temper as red as her hair.