Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle, or Jigsaw for short, is Lorelei Pasturefield's most precious horse, accompanying her everywhere she goes.


Jigsaw was just a foal when Charles Pasturfield passed away, leaving his daughter orphaned. Jigsaw served as something of a therapy animal for Lorelei, distracting her from her grief as she focused all her energy and thoughts on raising the horse. As a result, she is her personal companion and best friend, hardly ever leaving her side.

Lorelei rode Jigsaw to Ravenswood Manor, where Luna Leota spoke of the bond between the horse and owner, and claimed it have been reading her thoughts.

Physical AspectsEdit

Jigsaw Puzzle is an America Paint Horse mare, bearing red dun patches splattered across her white coat. Jigsaw stands at 15.5 hands, large for her breed.