Jake Lockheart-Evans is a 19 year old miner at the Big Thunder Mining Co., Boyfriend and eventual fiancé of Melanie Ravenswood. He is the brother of Scarlette Lockheart.

Background InformationEdit

Jake was born to Cyrus Lockheart and an unnamed mother. He is the younger brother of Scarlette Lockheart. The two were close friends as children, but had a strained relationship later. During his childhood he also befriended Lilly Baxter and Melanie Ravenswood, whom he would later be engaged to.

His father soon became senile and developed memory loss by rendering him unable to run The Family Business. Jake put himself forward to run the steakhouse but Scarlette cited that she had more experience opted to instead, and denied Jake a job there. He then decided to work at the Big Thunder Mining Co. as an engineer, a job he did exceedingly well at.

During his late teens, he fell in love with his childhood friend Melanie, and the two would often spend time together during Melanie's days stuck in the Manor grounds. He would play music and she would sing to it, and they both agreed to be married. They also agreed to leave Thunder Mesa once the wedding was over. After Henry and Martha Ravenswood were killed in the mining incident, the wedding day came as planned.

Henry Ravenswood had returned as a vengeful spirit on his intent on stopping the wedding at all costs. As Jake was preparing to walk to the Ballroom for the reception of the ceremony, Henry lured him up to the Portrait room rafters mimicking Melanie's voice by hanging him from the neck from which he died almost instantly. It is currently unknown whether his spirit is in the manor, but at times, when Henry is watching Melanie's suffering, gentle guitar noises can be heard that may give hope that Jake never really left Melanie.