Charles Pasturefield

Charles Pasturefield was the original owner of the Pasturefield Farm, and the late husband of Meredith Pasturefield, and father of Lorelei Pasturefield.


Charles grew up in a city, far away from any sign of farmland. However, as a young man he became determined to own a ranch as he had always wanted to. He moved to Thunder Mesa, and fell in love with his future wife, Meredith. The two married, and began the ranch by saving scraps of money and committing hard work. There were but a small number of resident horses when Meredith became pregnant with Lorelei. Once the time was due, Meredith managed to birth Lorelei, but bled out and passed away in the process.

Charles was of course devastated, and underwent a period of depression, and relied on the horses for comfort. He also dedicated himself to his newborn daughter, and as she grew, he taught her his ways, how to handle and be close to the horses. Lorelei grew in grace, very emotionally attached to Charles. However, it was not to last. When Lorelei an innocent teenager, Charles was out riding, along an old and familiar trail. A snake came along the ground and spooked his horse, and Charles was thrown into a river, and drowned.


Charles was bright and spunky, not afraid to speak his mind. He was also hardworking, and went to any means necessary to provide the best for his daughter and wife, and keep the ranch alive and running. He was known to have occasional anger issues, mostly when his family or property was threatened. His solution was usually to pull a gun on the offender, a trait passed on to Lorelei.

Meredith Pasturefield

Meredith PasturefieldEdit

Meredith Pasturefield is the late wife of Charles Pasturefield, and mother of Lorelei Pasturefield.


Meredith grew up as a sheltered country girl, with a love of all animals, especially horses. She never dreamed she would need a man, until she met and fell in love with Charles. The two married, and started what would come to be known as the Pasturefield Farm. Meredith helped with this by performing odd jobs, and selling wares. The time came when Meredith became pregnant with Lorelei by Charles, and they celebrated.

Once the time neared however, Meredith fell ill and weak, and the loss of blood from birthing the child proved to be too much for her. She passed away immediately after Lorelei was born, who was healthy.


Meredith was a quiet and withdrawn woman, only baring her true feelings around Charles. She was incredibly intelligent, and learned quickly. She rarely showed anger, and even when she did, it came in the form of sadness. She was dependant-minded, clinging to her mother before she met her love. Despite her seemingly diminutive nature, Charles saw the fire that lay beneath that, and treasured her as she treasured him.